Over Our Shoulder

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United with Christ~ I am chosen, holy, blameless, redeemed, forgiven, accepted and lavished with His grace.

(Ephesians 1:3-14)

Over my shoulder, I can sometimes hear a mocking voice, one that puts me down and tries to tear me up.

I know we all have racing thoughts, but what if they catch up with us and make us feel this way? Do you know about thoughts like this that threaten to shred you up and tear you down?

Admitting the uproar and unrest, we must cry out.

Race to His Word and His promises. There’s another voice that speaks love and forgiveness. It tells us we are adopted, forgiven, fully known and accepted.

He speaks a louder Word. He’s got our back and His hand is over our shoulder. His voice is victory.

Lord, You are our shield on all sides that shreds the lies. You are the Voice of Truth. Remind us who we are, turn up the volume of Your grace and love that sing over us. Take our thoughts captive. You cherish us and have us. Amen.

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