His Best Work

“I saw Him working at the wheel––but the pot He was shaping was marred in His hands; so The Potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to Him.”

Jeremiah 18:4

I am dizzy from spinning, will His wheel ever stop?

This is no school art project, but one that takes a lifetime. Seems that as soon as one place is smoothed out in my heart, another rough edge shows up. Do you know about this?

It moves me to get a glimpse of Him at the wheel. Knowing we are “marred pots” yet knowing we are received and embraced.

He is forming me, He is forming you. He is overseeing the intricate details. We can trust Him. He promises that He is continually molding us into an expression of His best work.

Marred is made magnificent in the hands of The Potter.

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