Ducks in a Row

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“In Him we live and move and have our being.”

(Acts 17:28)

You’ve seen a family of ducks before, waddling in a nice straight line.

It was a Fall day as I passed all the different kids walking down the sidewalk. They were no different. They walked in a single file line with their classmates. With oversized backpacks strapped to their shoulders, they were headed to their building for the day.

I wondered to myself, are they moving along with a sense of purpose? Or are they weighed down and just going through the motions?

––Some of us with backpacks, others with briefcases or toolboxes, purses or diaper bags, keeping all our “ducks in a row.”

I’ve been a waddler. How about you? Stuck in the line, trapped in this cycle that can start to feel so pointless…the mundane, the every day.

To where are we waddling? How can we move with purpose? Is there really a point to it all?

Each time I get stuck “in the line” I have to step aside and go back to the answer.

We live and move and have our being when we come to personally know The One who put it all in motion!

Are you stuck “in the line”?

Let’s get to the point.

Lord, we step into each day with things that have to be done for sure. School and jobs are a part of life. Living in these places without You are empty and can feel so pointless. Thank you that in You we uncover the point, the point that You love us beyond measure and want to move with us throughout each day.  You offer us life to the full. Remind us and assist us to invite you into our lives and into our days. Amen.

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