Promised Presence

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

(Exodus 33:14)

I went to take a few laps around the nearby lake where my feet had once traveled with the kids when they were young. I noticed the geese and the ducks were still there waiting for the next family to feed them breadcrumbs. New moms and dads pushed their babies in strollers and little voices called out.

Wasn’t that us just yesterday?

As I circled the lake, I was overcome with thankfulness too deep for words. It made a difference that we came here and fed the ducks. Because we had lived in these moments back then, it would feed our hearts forever.

As I looped the lake one last time, I found a nearby bench.

We had stepped into more memorable moments recently as we stocked our son’s fridge with bread. This time, not for our feathered friends, but for peanut butter and jellies. He was settling into his college apartment.

As we lived in this moment, I took in every smile. I couldn’t help but look at his sweet face and remember. This was the little boy that laid on my chest sound asleep breathing deep and content. His cheek on my shoulder as I carried him and his hand in mine as we walked into preschool.

Peace joined me on the bench as a breeze blew softly across my cheeks and the truth across my heart.

~The same God that stirs the wind here, is the One blowing across his life there.

Do memories blow across your heart? Are you blown by the winds of change lately? Let this breeze hit your heart.

Lord, You are the shoulder that is always there. In Your arms we are safe and into Your hands we can entrust ourselves and our loved ones. We can rest upon your chest and in Your promised presence. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Promised Presence”

  1. Awesome entry! May your breeze blow cool and light. May we rest in who he is and not the real or perceived burdens of this world. Love Bro


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