Hold On

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“I cling to You; Your strong right hand holds me securely.”  

(Psalm 63:8)

Hold on a minute. Hold on.

I grabbed his forearm with both of my hands and gripped extra tight. Wrapping my palms and fingers around him, I squeezed him firmly, not letting up, not letting go––

I told him:

This is how it is with God. His hold is so tight on us, it never let’s us go. Trust His grip on you. ~ Lori

So often in my life, I thought that I held all the responsibility to hold tight. If I lost my grip, it might be all over.


I have to tell you, over the years my hands got tired. What I’ve learned is that His grip is much stronger on me than mine ever is on Him.

When we get tired, it’s not over. His hands are locked on us and His grip is sure.

Hold on, yes, hold on––but know that He holds you far tighter.

Lord, we thank You for Your sure grip and hold on us; every minute, every hour, all our days. May we turn to You and trust Your grip and be forever held. Amen.



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