Quick Exit

You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.
​(Psalm 145:16)

I will never forget the day I walked into the local fabric store. It wasn’t my first trip around the block. I was on a mission to tackle the final decorating touches. This time though, as I stood there in the aisles and stared at the bolts of fabric, I had an immediate urgency to flee. I felt so overcome with emptiness. I made a quick exit.

How many times had I been there and done this already? Only to be back one more time for a new look, a new something. This time, would it really be the perfect match?

​I don’t say this out a place of judgment. Remember, I am the very person that has been down this road and chased the latest and greatest. What I am saying is that it just wears off, it just does.

I say this out of a place of experience.
Maybe you have been let down too?

Decorating touches don’t touch you the way that Jesus can and does.

Lord, praise Your open hand that satisfies us and delivers us into life. Assist to make a quick exit from the empty places. It’s Your touch we really long for. Amen. 

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