A Pinch

Who came up with the idea of being pinched if you don’t wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day? Remember the people that would just wear green socks? They were begging for a pinch.

Green marks the color of a four-leafed clover associated with this familiar day.  Finding one is extremely rare, so when you pick one, it’s known to be a mark of good luck.

I can remember searching in the green weeds for clovers as a child, so hopeful, never did find one.  I’ve learned since, that for every 10,000 clovers you might find one that is four-leafed.  Fat chance at that!

If I thought that a four-leafed clover could really assist me, I’d be out in the weeds today.  Actually, can I ask you to pinch me? Cause I kinda feel like I need to be woken up, like this is all a dream.

I can tell you, it’s a one in a million chance I could have ever thought this up, that I would launch a book or a website.  Fat chance for sure! And I don’t believe in good luck. I do believe though, in an extraordinary God. He’s pinched me a million times over in my life and as I’ve sat writing in the quiet place. There’s no need for me to search among the clovers. The One who made them all, this is His idea, and it’s all about Him.

Stick around, with Him we are sure to find some gems along the way, it’s not rare at all, and it definitely won’t be luck!

I am asking Him to pinch us.
It won’t hurt, I promise.
It’s a good pinch, the one we’re all begging for.

Lord, nothing happens by chance. This is all about You. You desire to pinch us all and wake us to Your love. We beg for it. Amen.

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